Client feedback


There is a general negative perception about Consultants – especially entering our organisation. After engaging with Pétanque Consultancy we were “wowed” with their business skills, tools and techniques as well as the professionalism in their delivery.

Pétanque Consultancy facilitated our process improvement initiative  where we Identified ways to optimise and standardise our processes ensuring customer centricity.

Christo Botes

Executive Director, Business Partners Ltd

The Pétanque team demonstrated remarkable comprehension of the business linkages, processes and goals. This allowed them to deliver clear and accurately mapped processes of superior quality. Engaging Pétanque to do the work was a smart choice.

Ryan Jacobs
Project Manager BP Asset Tagging and Verification Project.

Pétanque worked with our Managing Directors to describe our company knowledge management process. This work comprehensively captures how we manage knowledge to benefit the entire TenStep Group. The resulting deliverable clearly and visually defines our knowledge management work streams.

Tom Mochal,
President, TenStep Inc.

The VizPro® workshops have contributed to performance improvement, which is based on a common understanding of what each person does or should do, in order to achieve our strategic goals.

We are better able to focus on our key business processes thereby ensuring that we achieve our strategic goals, which are to grow the organisation and to expand service delivery.

Trudy Vlok
Managing Director, The Big Issue

We continue to find value in the work done three years ago, using the VizPro® process maps to review and update processes, induct new staff, manage risks, innovate and improve outcomes.

Ms Marietjie Lancaster,
Group Executive Strategy,
South African Post Office.

I had the pleasure of doing training with Pétanque in January. At first I was dubious of doing it via Skype, but was pleasantly surprised with the quality and structure of the training. One is never too old to learn because being a turnaround specialist myself I had learnt a lot more than what I remotely thought I could. The system is really professional and practical.

Jeanne the trainer was very clear and professional with the training and by the end I was a master at the process. I certainly would advise that anybody who is considering doing the training to go with Petanque. You won’t regret it.

Robin van Rensburg,
Franchise in a Box

It was a very productive day and impressive to see the outcomes.

Corni Myburgh
Ceres: Branding Executive

Our sessions with you were very enjoyable, educational and taught us a lot about our business’ processes and shortcomings. Thank you! Our process map has been put against the wall here at our offices for everybody to see.

Senior Manager, SA Post Office

Process mapping makes you think about critical issues including KPI’s and relationships with other sections of the business.

SAB Miller Licensing Manager

…which is why I recommended them. I do not have an alternative suggestion as they are a rare breed!”

Senior Executive Civil Aviation Authority

Added value to our business, now we are able to clarify roles and responsibilities which is what we wanted to achieve.

CEO, Oil Industry

Very cost-effective solution delivered in the committed time-period. Other suppliers recommended a much costlier phased approached over a longer time

Strategist, Public, Sector

The Company proposed structure was based on facilitated process mapping, where other suppliers assumed that the processes were known and documented.

Strategic Group Director, Public Sector

We enjoy that solutions are developed via interactive workshops.

Project Manager, Oil Industry

Solution fit the scope (High-level processes)

Strategic Team, Public Sector

Product is well worth it, something to write home about.

Role Player and Participant in Project, Oil Industry

Professionalism, deliver on promise.

BEE Strategist, Oil Industry

They keep me informed, updated and feedback constantly.

Project Manager, Oil Industry

Process mapping exercise was beneficial to all involved.

Director, Public Sector

Third level verification was done by the operational staff who also found the process and results very valuable.

Director, Public Sector

We really like your article “Project Management Institute’s PMP Qualification. … This is just the type of quality article our visitors find useful and would really appreciate.

UK Project Management directory

Beyond expectation, brilliant work indeed. Thanks a lot.

Project Manager, Retail

They are dynamic; I would have no problem referring them.

Project Manager, Oil Industry

Your professional blog certainly has a human touch (which is great)

Project Management professional

I have worked with MJ on various projects. MJ is hard working, very performance driven and ensures positive results on all projects she leads. MJ is a true leader that shows respect to those she works with and leads. She leads from the front and ensures that everything she tackles is done professionally and efficiently. MJ has extensive knowledge in leading projects and it has been a pleasure working with her on the projects that we have shared. She is someone the team can learn from as she is not afraid to share her extensive knowledge with others.

Rose Stevens
Customer Service Manager, BPSA (Pty) Ltd

MJ is an excellent Project and Program Manager who knows how to rally the troops and deliver a fantastic job on time and within budget. She has really hardworking consultants in her team at Petanque who go out of their way to deliver a brilliant service to any client.

Lesley-Anne Burton,  BPSA (Pty) Ltd

One of the best experiences that I had during my time with BP South Africa was working with MJ Fick on Project VUKA. This project developed a MI reporting tool for Retail South Africa to help support the Retail Performance management process. The project utilized legacy systems and required business involvement along with IT&S and Finance input. I was the business sponsor and MJ worked with me as the Project Manager for Project VUKA. Even though we worked remotely from each other (MJ was in Cape Town and I was in Johannesburg), MJ did a fantastic job of keeping me updated on the progress of the project. We conducted weekly discussions on milestone progress and she managed the scope in line with the business requirements. As with many large projects, issues arose that were impacting the tight deadlines that I applied to the project. MJ always came up with solutions to help with these issues and keep the project on target. In the end, with MJ’s tenaciousness and project management skills, Project VUKA delivered the solution on time and on budget. The tools are still being used today and continue to help drive performance improvement in South Africa. Based on this experience, I consider MJ Fick as one of the best project managers that I have worked with and would wholeheartedly recommend MJ for future project management roles or teams.

Steven de Waard, Performance and PMO Manager, BPSA(Pty) Ltd

Barbara ran the programme that I was part of. I found that she was not only able to maintain a strategic view (which was obviously vital) but also to focus on detail where necessary, and I haven’t worked with many people who can do that. The programme delivered a great deal of value to the business, which was largely down to Barbara’s approach.

Frazer Grundy
Process Analyst: Old Mutual Africa Holdings

Barbara worked as a Programme and Change Manager in Old Mutual Africa Operations from August 2008 until August 2011. During that time she delivered Business-in-a-Box solutions to 5 different African countries. Barbara is a structured, organised, experienced and effective Programme Manager. She is able to work with diverse teams and delivered effective business solutions. Barbara is reliable, hard-working and has extensive business knowledge which contributes to the team delivery. Barbara is a team player and is committed to achieving organisational goals. I would highly recommend her expertise.

Grant Pote
COO Old Mutual Africa Operations

I have worked in collaboration with Barbara for the past 18 months and have come to know her as an excellent project manager and programme manager. She is one of the hardest working colleagues I have ever had the pleasure to work with. She is very delivery focused and can always be relied on to bring a project in on time. She is extremely organised and thorough in her work.

Barbara also has admirable leadership qualities and is able to draw on, and draw out, the strengths of the people she works with. She sets the bar high but is able to inspire the people she works with to go the extra mile. Her approach to work and to her colleagues is very collaborative and inclusive. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with her and would happily “go to battle” with her on other collaborative projects. I highly recommend Barbara.

M Sprackett
Old Mutual

Barbara is a passionate and effective programme manager who balances the achievement of the task at hand with a deep caring for the people involved in the work.

Andrew Gladwin
Actuary Old Mutual

Barbara worked as a change management consultant at BP South Africa for a few months at the beginning of 2012. She effectively led the creation of a stakeholder database, engagement strategy and engagement plans for a major multi-stream IT project. The project had as major stakeholders key personnel in three of the organisation’s business areas, viz., Supply, Logistics and Retail.

Barbara was able to provide an effective change management process and consulting services which added value to managing the change impacts within BP.

I would highly recommend her services in managing significant organisational change.

Mohammed Dalwai
MKD Consulting Services CC

I had the pleasure of working for Barbara in the Employee Benefits Project Portfolio, which she managed for the Africa Division of Old Mutual. She is a highly experienced and passionate Programme Manager who knows how to get the job done even when faced with the most complex of challenges. Her drive, commitment and loyalty is inspiring and I learnt a lot from her during our time together. As a line manager she is caring and empathetic and knows how to use each team members talents to the benefit of the Programme. Barbara is also an excellent Change Manager with years of experience and a wealth of knowledge in this field. I consider Barbara a friend, someone I will say in touch with for years to come and will recommend her for any role that suits her “high quality” skill set.

Hayley Holland
Project Support Administrator; Old Mutual