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Effective Communication

Effective communication

I’ve been told that I don’t communicate enough.
Given this, is there a better person to deliver pearls of wisdom on the topic of effective communication than me? Probably not. Why? When one becomes aware of one’s “areas of improvement”

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I only want to hear one click, or do I?

You might recall this delightfully funny airline advertisement aired on television about a decade or so ago – it featured a German airline hostess doing the pre-departure safety instructions. The scene shows her demonstrating to the passengers how to fasten

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Project Management Fun

Project Management Tip: Plan to Have Fun

The month of romance has arrived and for many of us it feels like 2014 is off with a flying start! Last month we looked at the serious business of “Planning to Succeed”…. And whilst it is the

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Plan to succeed: 5 project management tips

When you manage a project that runs over a long duration, how can you accurately forecast that you will make the end date? The short answer is: you cannot tell. So how do you then plan to succeed?  Here are

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Project Manager, have you been good this year?

It is the time of year when we start planning for Christmas (or the Festive Season if you don’t do Christmas). For me, it always awakens some of the childhood awe and expectation – what will I get this year?

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The Taste of Success

This is what success tastes like: you are the project manager and an ERP implementation goes so well that the client says “Have we really gone live? There is no chaos or screaming or pandemonium of any kind. I cannot

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What is Program Management?

Imagine an orchestra with highly talented members but without a conductor. Individuals or groups within the orchestra are making beautiful music but are out of sync with one another and the music that they are producing is not what the

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fork in the road

Positioning Portfolio Management

Last month we looked at the importance of Project Management in relation to a business’ vision, mission and strategy and how it is used to ultimately deliver the outcomes required to realize the strategic goals.
Project and Program Management is

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stepping stones

Positioning Project Management

Reflect on the key elements of business management and project management is not too far down the list. Its aim? To deliver specific outcomes.
As in most disciplines, project management forms part of a larger group of activities. It is…

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Project Process

Process of a Project?

If you are familiar with processes you might argue that processes are by definition ‘repeatable’ and a project by definition has a clear ‘start and end’ and is not a repeated activity.
If you are involved in a lot of

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