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group work

Balancing team and individual work

Some people prefer working in groups and some people prefer working alone. In the real world however there will come a time when both are necessary. People often get caught up only working one way and this results in your

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How to: 3 things to do for yourself, to get better results

By Zena Boakes
Getting to know yourself – really well – is a truly liberating journey.
One may think this is bit of an oxymoron: ‘I live with myself 24/7, so surely I know myself.’ But, the answer lies in

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Tips on mentoring

How To: 3 Tips on Being a Great Mentor

By Nancy Lamberton
Many of us readily share our experience and expertise with others.  So whether we are sharing informally or in a more formal role, we are often acting as mentors by assisting others in learning.  But how do

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Project Management for Teams

What the Team Expects

Do you ever think, ‘what does this team expect of me as a project manager’?
Understanding what a team expects of you can go a long way in helping to tailor your response to these expectations.
At the start of

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Team Synergy: Is it possible?

So, I’m wondering, how do they get it right?
After being in a new team for barely 3 months I more than ever feel supported, encouraged, recognised and motivated, and I have an open and trusting relationship with my team

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Leadership Failures that sabotage success

It isn’t only the things that leaders do that impact success. It is also the things that we fail to do that lead us down the slippery slope to mediocrity.
I just read a thought provoking article… by John Kotter,

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Message in a Bottle

In January of this year we started a new tradition. Very befitting for the month January, one might say. The new tradition? Message in a Bottle.
How did it work? Each one of the Pétanque Team wrote down their personal…

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