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Paperless age

A paperless age

I love blank books; every time I see them I want to buy one. I open the pages to the endless possibility that they could hold; and then I sit and mutter over what I’m going to fill them with.

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Internet Security: It is all about the “s”

In order to keep all of your data private and out of the hands of the hackers, clever “techies” at Netscape Communications, back in 1990, came up with a secure communications protocol, or messaging rules if you will, to secure…

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Online etiquette

I recently read an article by Eliza Browning on Business Etiquette…. According to her, etiquette is really about ensuring some social comforts that make people feel good. Technology has made the world smaller, but it has also caused a

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The IT must-haves for business travel

There is nothing worse on a trip than having your IT fail on you. It messes up your schedules, your business outcomes and your mood.
The key to any business travel, from an IT perspective, is having the right equipment.…

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