What does Pétanque do?

We support Clients to achieve their goals.
We save Clients money
We bring about change
We help you do more with less
We add value in what you do best as a business


Through the skillful application of three main tools:

Project Management
Process Management
Change Management

What does this mean?

Project management ensures that activities in a business that focus on bringing about improvement, are executed on time and on budget
Process management takes a detailed look at who does what how and when in the business, ensuring that what needs to be done is done well, within the necessary controls
Change management focuses on the people who need to implement and sustain change

What methodologies do you use?

For project management, we apply the Project Management Body of Knowledge – PMBOK – which is the international standard set by the Project Management Institute in the USA.
We also apply Prince2, the UK and European standard for Project Management.
There are two global standards for Project Management and we apply what the client needs,
Our team in qualified in both PMBOK and Prince2
For change management we use our own Fofang (Sotho for “to fly”) methodology and the focus is on effecting change brought about by project and process change so that change is embraced and implemented successfully.
We also apply Prosci and Practising Perfection principles in our change management projects.
Our team is qualified in all three approaches

How do you make money?

We sell our expertise in:

Consulting and advisory services, managed solutions and specialist resources charging time and material (hourly rates)
Training, charging per course or per learner

How do you engage with clients?

We listen to the challenge, we compose a first draft solution, we collaborate with the Client on the solution until we structure and agree on exactly what is needed, then we structure the solution in a proposal and develop the roll-out plans.
Once the project rolls out, we use our project management and/or process management skills and tools to deliver, interweaving change management to ensure sustained benefit
We engage according to the clients’ procurement policies and procedures, and this always includes service delivery terms and conditions in a contract
Our engagement principles are transparency, collaboration, effective communication, benefit delivery, sustainability of benefits, accountability and being accessible and on time

What are examples of what you have done?

In short:
implemented new IT systems that resulted in cost savings and improved productivity
Organisational change through process improvement, resulting in effective use of resources
Process risk management, resulting in cost savings
Performance management, resulting in improved productivity and staff buy-in

What are your credentials?

We have been in business for 10 years
We are a women owned company
We have a Level 2 BBBEE rating from Quadrem
We have highly trained, qualified and experienced staff
We apply international methodologies and adhere to international standards
We have an impressive client list “Can we provide the client list?

Who are your Target Prospects?

Our target prospects are business owners, executives, and managers.
This is because we address:

Business Process Improved Practices
Business Performance Improvement
Training, Skills Assessment and Skills Improvement
Change Management through implementation of actions and projects to bring about change
Risk Management
Cost Savings, through improved efficiency
Knowledge Management
Organisational Development
Quality Management

What is your profile?

Refer the downloadable


profiles on http://www.petanque-c.com/

What makes you different to the many consultants that do what you do?

The way in which we combine our methodologies to bring about change, save money and support client to achieve their goals
The unique VizPro® process mapping toolkit
Our corporate CV, credentials and track record
The way in which we do business

How do you pronounce Pétanque?

It is a french name game, also known as ‘boules’, pronounced “peh-tanke”

Why did you choose this name?

The game is a fun, but quite serious game. It requires skill, concentration and collaboration. The aim it to land as close as possible to the target, and remain close to the target despite competitors’ attempts to change your proximity to the target.
Business is the same.
We recognized the parallel and decided it was the perfect name with the perfect philosophy for us.

What is VizPro

VizPro® is our method to document & analyse business processes.

In short this is done by mapping the enterprise processes real-time in interactive work sessions with role-players. We facilitate workshops where relevant people are invited to sit in to share their knowledge about the process.

This knowledge is captured immediately, and the map is real-time and displayed on a screen. VizPro® makes use of colourful icons to map details. The icons reflect the following:

bullet what needs to be done and who is doing it
bullet how communication takes place with the people involved
bullet the risks, controls, KPI’s and other management information
bullet which documents and systems are used
bullet which processes link into the specific process

The colourful and clear icons make this methodology user-friendly and ensure process role- player buy-in.

It was developed by Dr. Michélle Booysen and is continuously refined by the team. VizPro® has successfully been applied in projects for almost 8 years..

What makes VizPro® different to other methodologies?

Three distinct aspects make VizPro® different:

bullet the dynamic way of engaging with role-players in high energy workshops
bullet the visualisation makes it very understandable and invites participation
bullet the knowledge is captured in information-rich format

Who are your target prospects?

Our target prospects are business owners, executives, and managers. The following are business requirements for all businesses, therefore we do not focus on specific vertical markets:

bullet Business Process Improved Practices
bullet Business Performance Improvement
bullet Training, Skills Assessment and Skills Improvement
bullet Change Management through implementation of actions and projects to bring about change
bullet Risk Management
bullet Cost Savings, through improved efficiency
bullet Knowledge Management
bullet Organisational Development
bullet Quality Management

For which kind of business requirements can VizPro® be applied?

VizPro® can be applied to address a magnitude of issues that relate to process. We have successfully applied VizPro® for the following purposes:

bullet an understanding of systems requirements in the context of business use
bullet change management prior to IT project implementation
bullet to identify process gaps or weaknesses where breakdowns occur
bullet identification of training needs
bullet improved controls, risk management & compliance
bullet noticeable and measurable skills improvement
bullet role clarification
bullet to enlighten and motivate employees, which forms part of team building
bullet to create a repository for easy access to accurate and common process information by all staff
bullet knowledge sharing across the organisation
bullet understanding the ‘big picture’: how one process impacts another
bullet improved process efficiency to save costs
bullet define an organisational structure that will deliver on strategic goals.

How would my company benefit from your product/service?

The benefits of VizPro® are:

bullet understanding the process end-to-end in terms of who does what when
bullet seeing the flow of documentation throughout the process
bullet defining and agreeing task and process ownership and accountabilities
bullet defining risks and agreeing on controls
bullet ensuring that the right Management Information and Performance Indicators are relevant and that they provide the right performance information at the right time to the right decision makers
bullet clearly defining and linking inter-relationships between processes (in the enterprise, division or department), people and systems
bullet understanding governance and compliance (statutory, company policies, quality systems, etc.) per process and showing how each process operates within the governance and compliance framework
bullet gaining a clear view of the status of Organisational Development (roles, skills, competencies) and what to do to ensure effective improvement and alignment with what the enterprise requires

Our services facilitate:

bullet the identification of process inefficiencies and duplications
bullet performance Improvement, linking individual activities to measurement metrics
bullet alignment of business functions and processes to strategy

What will change in my company once a VizPro® project is concluded?

Depending on the project’s objectives, various changes will occur. In general:

bullet your employees/external parties will be clear in their understanding of the ‘bigger picture’ (strategy/plan) and their respective roles in it. This will result in all stakeholders driving in the same direction to achieve organisational and operational excellence
bullet your business teams will love the inter-active workshop approach and will start ‘talking and walking’ their process
bullet performance and staff morale will increase – people understand the ‘big picture’ and the importance of their respective roles in it
bullet knowledge transfer will take place and with that, teamwork will increase
bullet buy-in to business change will be high since all role-players provide input and understand the background of such change

What are the quantified impacts (dollars or percentages and time frames) that have been produced by your company’s products and services? How has your company helped its clients?

bullet One of our clients has seen the current employees’ productivity increase by 15% one week after concluding the process mapping.
bullet A number of clients use the process maps as induction material for new and transferring staff. This immediately shows how, “what” the employee does on a day to day basis, fits into the bigger picture and it fast tracks the employee to know what they need to do. This fast tracks new process role players’ productivity up to 50%.
bullet Internal audit in a corporate client has significantly reduced the time they spend conducting audits per business area, due to simply matching what is being done to what the process requires. Reporting is enhanced and turnaround time for corrective action has improved.
bullet When recruiting service providers for a new service, one of our clients uses the process maps to explain to third parties what is needed from them. This approach has significantly reduced the time to call for proposals, the time to submit proposals and has assisted in fit for purpose proposals from Third Parties, fast tracking the roll out of new services and products.
bullet By simplifying a cross-border process, a client estimated the savings resulting from the improved practises would amount to US$14million.
bullet The savings brought on by immediate buy-in from stakeholders and role players following the workshops, are numerous. In one case, an entire day set aside to align senior executives with a new directive, was concluded in 30 minutes since the buy-in occurred during the six weeks of process work-shopping prior to the changes having been suggested. Once the changes were tabled, all role players fully understood the reasoning and history, and agreed to the way forward in 30 minutes.

Briefly, the above occurs because, what gets measured, improves. For that reason identification of KPI’s in each process is an important element. Further, the VizPro® way of visualising and workshopping around processes has had significant quantified benefits.

Who are Pétanque clients?

We are proud of our track record of clients with whom we have worked in the past years:

bullet BP
bullet South African Post Office
bullet SAB Miller
bullet PEP
bullet MetroRail
bullet Greenway Farms
bullet Old Mutual
bullet PetroSA
bullet Shell
bullet Department of Public Service Administration
bullet Buys Inc (Pty) Ltd
bullet Sapref
bullet Vodacom
bullet South African Supplier Development Agency – SASDA
bullet Eskom
bullet Joint Venture Pump Services
bullet Foschini
bullet Sophumelela Painting
bullet Siyakhona Scaffolding
bullet Glow Gear
bullet Capitec Bank

Is VizPro® business process software?

VizPro® is not software. VizPro® is a Business Process Documentation & Analysis methodology that can be applied using different types of software (or even just a pencil and paper). We use Microsoft Visio™ to map our processes. From there the maps can be imported into different types of software to make it executable.

How long does a VizPro® project take?

We have concluded projects in two days, including a Positioning Map, and a full process map up to a version 3 level.

We have also worked on projects for 2 years, delivering a large number of processes for a number of business areas in the enterprises.

We start with a Positioning Map, showing the business, unit or department as is, and define what processes are needed to make the business ‘work’. This takes from 1 hour to one day, depending on each enterprise.

A Process Map is usually developed in 2 or 3 versions. Version 1 could take 2 to 8 hours, version 2 takes 2 to 3 hours, and version 3 takes 1 to 2 hours. Of course these differ from project to project.

VizPro® is a process for process mapping.

How is a VizPro® project rolled out?

VizPro® as the process to map process is managed as a project, and we apply project management principles throughout.

bullet We start by understanding what the enterprise requirement is, through a briefing with key stakeholders
bullet From this, we determine what must be done and how process will address the business requirement, including agreement on role players and schedules before we start with the Positioning Map
bullet This Positioning Map identifies processes required to perform the high level activities in the enterprise. These processes are mapped first ‘as is’, and then improved in a version 2 workshop, in which also risks, controls, management information, cash flow, and KPI’s are identified

How do you bill?

Our billing is per day, in some cases per hour.

We work in teams of two in most cases, with one person facilitating, the other capturing information real-time, projecting the process map on screen with a data projector.

Where does VizPro® position itself in the BPM space?

We position ourselves as an enabler. The link between enterprise people and IT is process. VizPro® delivers process that speaks equally well to business and IT. VizPro® enables knowledge to be captured as related by the master of knowledge: business, i.e. the people who work in the process in a format which business understands and relate to. This comes from the space of Total Quality Management and Business Process Redesign, but with full people involvement, therefore, the outcome is less harsh on the people element. VizPro® provides the knowledge and masses of information to IT which now can develop programmes and dashboards that will deliver powerful Business Process Management – IT takes the info (which is informed by business), and puts it into applications which then generates management information.