Who is Monsieur Pasqual?

Monsieur Pasqual is our Special Envoy, embodying the spirit and values of Pétanque. Once we launch a project, he steps in and becomes part of the delivery team. 

Let us introduce you.

Monsieur Pasqual is a pensive fellow who likes to think things through. He is a team player… ..who knows that the buck has to stop somewhere.
He is well aware of importance of good communication. And he knows that Trust is the basis for all good relationships. He likes to share knowledge but is keenly aware that answers are usually found through listening rather than talking.
Despite being pensive and thinking things through, he is also fallible and at times need to admit to mistakes. He is passionate and considerate. He cares deeply for the environment and considers himself a custodian of Mother Nature.
Mr P Red Socks border
He supports worthy causes and values the good things in life. He likes to travel, explore and discover new perspectives. He works hard, but he knows when it is time to relax and regroup.
He is Monsieur Pasqual.