Creating a culture of data privacy, security in healthcare

Organizations of all sizes need to be working toward maintaining proper data privacy and security measures in the healthcare industry.

73% of medical pros share passwords for EHR access

A recent study examined the prevalence of password sharing among healthcare providers.

Companies are on the hook for cloud safety

When the medical records of about 150,000 people in Patient Home Monitoring Corp.’s database were exposed in September.

Healthcare data breaches on the rise

An analysis of healthcare data breaches for the first half of the year shows that the healthcare industry is on the path to suffer more one data breach a day this year.

Hacking incidentsquickly discovered, insiders unnoticed

In July and August, it appeared that there were some signs of progress in terms of how long it took to discover a health data breach.

41% of health data breaches stem from unintended disclosure

Unintended data disclosure, accounted for 41 percent of reported health data breaches the first nine months in 2017.

Warn of potential medical device vulnerabilities

The Department of Homeland Security and Siemens have issued alerts over potential medical device vulnerabilities affecting medical molecular imaging systems.

Did a Hacker Steal Over 1 Million UK Health Records?

A U.K. tabloid is reporting that a contractor that provides services to the National Health System has been attacked by a hacker who claims to have stolen 1.2 million patient records.

Ransomware attack may Impact 19K oncology hematology patients

Recent potential data breaches include a ransomware attack, a keylogger virus, and a phishing attack.

Healthcare data breaches in England

With studies showing lackluster mobile health app privacy and security policies, sensitive patient data could be vulnerable.

Medical data breaches: The latest health care epidemic

In recent years, there have been so many news stories about medical records being stolen that many patients now fear their confidential information is no longer safe.

UK Government to invest £21m in NHS cybersecurity

The UK government is to invest £21m in a bid to beef up cybersecurity within the NHS in the wake of the devastating WannaCry cyber-attack that took many of the organization’s services offline.

How weak mobile health app privacy, security affects patients

Can you please outline the results of Accenture’s recent survey on healthcare data breaches among England consumers? What were the main findings?

Healthcare hacking leading cause for 2017 incidents

Four of the top five reported data breach incidents thus far in 2017 are caused by healthcare hacking, according to OCR.

Patient portal flaw exposes lab records

A recent patient portal security mishap at a Texas-based cancer testing laboratory is the latest reminder of the need to safeguard sensitive health information on web-based applications and websites.

Lessons from ransomware breach reports

While the federal health data breach tally shows that hacker incidents continue to rise in 2017, regulators are offering up some insights from their investigations into a handful of ransomware-related breaches reported in 2016.

Healthcare information breaches continue to rise

One of the biggest threats to health information privacy is the serious compromise of the integrity and availability of data caused by malicious cyber attacks on electronic health information systems.

Occupational health records

Medical records are kept by OMPs and ONPs on medical and occupational health issues of the employees. The NH Act, provides that persons in charge of health establishments must ensure that health records are kept securely.

Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) – Security safeguards

Over the last seven months the POPIA articles have dealt with responsibility, processing, purpose, further processing, information quality and transparency or openness.

Risk of data breaches at hospitals is greater at larger facilities

The risk of data breaches at U.S. hospitals is greater at larger facilities and hospitals that have a major teaching mission, according to a study led by a researcher at the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School.

72% of healthcare employees are security “risks” 

Only 28 percent of healthcare employees demonstrated the privacy and security awareness to prevent incidents that could lead to the exposure of protected health information (PHI).

Medical industry warned about data breaches as records become digitised

According to the recent 2016 Mid Term Budget Policy Statement (MTBPS), the national health insurance grant will be increased by R9 million to fund the strengthening of health information systems in the Western Cape and KZN.

Hacking incidents down, some breaches took 5+ years to discover

After a noticeable decline in the number of hacking incidents, insider-related breach incidents have doubled relative to the previous month.