Jan 2013: InSite to Pétanque Consultancy’s Portfolio Analyst

25 JANUARY 2013: Local Capetonian Genevieve Stanton will be jetting off to attend the 2013 Informing Science & IT Education Conference (InSite) in Portugal in the first week of July.  As one of Pétanque Consultancy’s Portfolio Analysts she has been selected by InSite to present her paper on “Toward a method of Mobile Learning Design”.

Genevieve described her paper as a covering of a wide range of existing mobile learning theories from pedagogy to mobile learning characteristics such as personalisation. She identifies the attempts to unify them into a proposal method for Mobile Learning Design that can be generalised across mobile learning applications.

InSite is a collegial conference where colleagues help and inspire fellow colleagues, drawing together people who teach, research, and use information technologies. The conferences are constructed around the concept of building a harmonious community of scholars. Relationships developed and gained will provide collaboration with partners and friends. Work submitted to InSite goes through a rigorous review process involving eight reviewers.

Researching mobile learning in Pétanque Consultancy sparked Genevieve’s interest in the area, from here her eagerness to understand more about what she was getting into as well as knowing what she was talking about was part of her inspiration in creating her application. Studying part-time sparked further motivation in Genevieve in understanding the possibilities of a virtual lecture programme.

The idea of creating a single reference point for mobile learning designers was Genevieve’s main goal. Her focus was to move away from the design that is too focused on one aspect of mobile learning but rather bring together multiple aspects in one method that could be used to achieve a greater learning impact and better designed education.

Congratulations Genevieve Stanton, Portfolio Analyst for Pétanque Consultancy on your fantastic achievement.


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