Feb 2013: Business and Law unite together under one affiliation

13 February 2013: Within the business world, being successful and avoiding risk ensures continuity. This year two enterprises have identified the opportunity to create a unique service to ensure business continuity.

Pétanque Consultancy, in affiliation with attorney Nicolene Schoeman, has confirmed the launch of the “Risk & Governance Management Desk” (R&GM Desk) this month.

Through the R&GM Desk, Pétanque Consultancy has added a legal expert to its business. “By adding our two skills sets together we are able to facilitate risk management and effective governance” says Dr Michélle Booysen, Managing Director of Pétanque Consultancy.

The formula for this concierge service to enterprises is simple: by combining Pétanque’s unique tools and techniques with expert knowledge on how to mitigate most risks – both from a legal and business management point of view – the likelihood of business success is significantly improved.  By producing policies (i.e. the rules that aims to mitigate risks) and advising on how to implement those via appropriate processes, it creates a powerful system for managing risk that includes both compliance and non-compliance related matters. Add to this Change Management and Project Management, and we have a powerful toolset to ensure business agility and the ability to adapt to change in our fast paced, ever changing  world.

By merging practical entrepreneurial solutions and legal compliance and risk aversion strategies, the R&GM Desk will serve clients by empowering them with practical legal compliance that makes sound business sense.

The Risk and Governance Management Desk is a natural addition to Pétanque Consultancy’s existing suite of Concierge Business Solutions, which includes Process Management, Project Management and Change Management. The R&GM Desk will be active from 14 February 2013.


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