Change Management

Change Management

Is your team agile enough to adapt to the ever changing playing field?

To paraphrase Darwin, our very survival hinges on the ability to change.

Change Management enhances that ability to change and survive in business by anticipating and facilitating people’s response to change and reducing the resistance that hijacks change initiatives.

Why bother? Why not “just do it”?

You are probably thinking to yourself “we don’t have time for this” or “we’ve never done this before, why bother now?” Fair points, but think about this:

  • Research shows that most people resist change. This is normal and to be expected.
  • Change resistance increases when changes are imposed on people who have no choice or voice.
  • When people are valued and empowered to innovate and contribute, their change resilience increases.
  • Can you really afford to forge ahead without taking your employees with you?
  • Can lack of support from your customers, suppliers and regulators sabotage your efforts?
  • What is the price tag if you have run the seemingly right project and delivered the seemingly right solution, but no one wants, needs or supports your enterprise? Can you really afford such a gamble?

Why Change Management?

Change Management mitigates the risk of non-acceptance by building change resilience, garnering user acceptance and creating active stakeholder support for those critical business changes.

What it means to you

Change Management enables you to:

  • understand the normal human response to change and proactively respond to it;
  • build change resilience within the project team and stakeholder community;
  • mobilize leadership to wisely and effectively navigate the organisation and all its stakeholders through critical business changes;
  • recognize the team’s achievements and extricate value from lessons learnt towards the next change spiral;
  • develop change resilience within your organisation, which results in critical skills development for the long term;
  • save cost by increasing the likelihood of project success due to stakeholder acceptance and support;
  • save costs by getting you to your goals sooner due to reduced internal resistance to change;
  • maintain your market edge by having an agile team able to adapt quickly, thus ensuring your continued competitive advantage.

Why Pétanque Change Management?

  • We are skilled professionals with proven experience in Change Management.
  • We take time to work with your team to ensure that we understand the change impacts for your business.
  • Our methodology employs the best techniques in the field and delivers results and achievement.
  • We integrated change management with project management to ensure a holistic project delivery approach.
  • We have led a number of successful change management projects in the oil, insurance and banking sectors.

What we do

Our services include:

  • On-site change management and consulting;
  • Change management training, and
  • Management mentoring