Process Management


Does your team understand the game plan?

Albert Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again and xyzhomwork yet expecting different results. In business terms that can be fatal. Does everyone in your enterprise understand why (s)he is doing what (s)he does and how it impacts on the overall strategy?

Process Management is a key element in achieving results as it links strategies to outcome through processes that define what needs to be done, by whom, why and how.

Why bother?

You know where you are heading. You cannot afford the time or money to review your processes. It is natural to think that. But pause for moment to consider this:

  • Does your team understand the strategic plan and do they actively contribute to the end results?
  • Do you have a clear destination statement?
  • Duplication of processes adds a significant cost element to your free essays online operation. Are you as lean as you can be in terms of efficient processes?
  • Has your team voiced their solutions for higher output and reduced cost?
  • Do you know if there are gaps in your processes that lead to delays?

Can you afford not to take the time to review your processes?

Why Process Management?

Process Management is more than just mapping a process. It facilitates an in-depth understanding of the end-goal by ensuring that each link in the process chain has a grasp on his/her own responsibilities within the context of a common focus on an end result.

What it means to you

Process Management facilitates performance improvement of processes. This results in cost and time savings, and improved service, as people and process align to pull in the same direction. By identifying opportunities for improvement, it assists you in finding the edge in your market.

Process Management enables you to:

  • identify points of inefficiency by highlighting duplication, variation, and unnecessary steps;
  • identify gaps in processes;
  • implement change;
  • achieve delivery of strategic goals by aligning operations with business strategy:
  • improve communication by ensuring that team members all know how and what they are supposed to do, and what each person’s exact role is;
  • visualise your process at a glance, thereby providing clear guidance as to where improvements are required;
  • source solutions from within as the unpacking of processes encourages team participation and sparks ideas, thus automatically linking your team to the changes that are needed to achieve goals.

Why Pétanque Process Management?

  • Our in-house developed process mapping methodology, VizPro®, has been awarded the Silver medal in the Global Excellence in Workflow Award and has been applied internationally with great success.
  • Our highly visual storyboard-style techniques produce immediate buy-in from your team.
  • Our high-energy workshops are engaging, stimulating and fun, fostering strong team synergies that produce innovative solutions.
  • The unique use of real-time, interactive information – which is captured onto attractive, easy-to-follow, storyboard process maps – clearly links people and process to strategic direction and goals.

What we do

  • On-site Strategic Storyboarding, including a Destination Statement, a Performance Profile, a Positioning Map and a Critical Success Factor matrix.
  • On-site process mapping, accompanied by action lists for activities required to bring about change.
  • On-site process consulting;
  • Setting up Process Management Offices (PrMO) for clients, with all related services; and
  • Linking in and position of change management for process related projects.

Contact us to hear about VizPro® Green, our cutting-edge 6 Step methodology for reducing, reusing, re-planning, re-optimising and recycling.