Project Delivery


Do you have a game plan to get you to your goal?

If everything is important, nothing is important. ©PPI

Project delivery produces results by focusing all resources cpm homework help. and attention on what is important to achieve an outcome.

Why bother? Why not “just do it”?

You need results. Fast. You are tempted to simply plough ahead and get it done. Before you do that though, think about it:

  • Are you sure the end result is going to be technically, operationally and financially viable?
  • Is your solution necessarily the right one? Is this the right approach to follow?
  • How will the end result contribute to delivering your strategy?
  • Is your solution the best use of funding?
  • How well do you understand your risks? Have you given any thought to the mitigation?
  • What is your return on investment?

Why Project Management?

Project Management is the vehicle through which any change in product, service ratemypaper or operations is delivered.

What it means to you

Project Management combines knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to project and plan activities that will deliver results.

Project Management enables you to:

  • make effective use of people, money and time, thereby saving cost;
  • be inclusive in your approach as it ensures stakeholder involvement and communication;
  • predictive delivery of scope, time and budget;
  • exercise preventative management by effectively managing risks, issues and quality;
  • be selective in your implementation strategies by employing controls, solutions selections and scope management.

Why Pétanque Project Management?

  • We are skilled professionals with 10 years of experience in Project Delivery.
  • We work with your team to ensure that the project is fit-for-purpose and size-to-need.
  • Our methodologies are internationally recognised and guarantees results.
  • We move a project forward in a considered manner, which means your team benefits from continuous up-skilling.
  • We are highly skilled at implementing information technology (IT) systems.
  • We have managed projects in a diverse number of industries.
  • Our expertise includes the establishment of Project Management Offices.

What we do

Our services include:

  • On-site programme management;
  • On-site project management and consulting;
  • Setting up Project Management Offices (PMO) for clients, with all related services;
  • Project health checks;
  • Recovery of projects in jeopardy;
  • Mentoring project managers; and
  • Linking in and position of change management for projects.

Gain clarity. Get results. Achieve.

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