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201705 OccMay 2017

Occ health: Occupational health records

Medical records are kept by OMPs and ONPs on medical and occupational health issues of the employees. The National Health Act, provides that persons in charge of health establishments must ensure that health records are kept securely. 

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201705 ransomwareMay 2017

Lessons from Ransomware Breach Reports

While the federal health data breach tally shows that hacker incidents continue to rise in 2017, regulators are offering up some insights from their investigations into a handful of ransomware-related breaches reported in 2016.

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201705 conyinueMay 2017

Healthcare information breaches continue to rise

One of the biggest threats to health information privacy is the serious compromise of the integrity and availability of data caused by malicious cyber attacks on electronic health information systems, such as ransomware.

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201704 72 percentApril 2017

72 Percent of Healthcare Employees Are Security "Risks" or Security "Novices"

Only 28 percent of healthcare employees demonstrated the privacy and security awareness to prevent incidents that could lead to the exposure

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201705 patientMay 2017

Patient Portal Flaw Exposes Lab Records

A recent patient portal security mishap at a Texas-based cancer testing laboratory is the latest reminder of the need to safeguard sensitive health information on web-based applications and websites.

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201704 HHSApril 2017

HHS Expected to Release Significant HIPAA Privacy Guidance This Year

HIPAA privacy guidance, audits, and enforcement are continuing under the new Administration

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201704 studyApril 2017

Risk of data breaches at hospitals is greater at larger facilities

The risk of data breaches at U.S. hospitals is greater at larger facilities and hospitals that have a major teaching mission.

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201703 Records (1)March 2017

Medical Industry Warned about Data Breaches as Records Become Digitised

According to the recent 2016 MTBPS, the NHI grant will be increased by R9 m to fund the strengthening of health information systems in the Western Cape and KwaZulu-Natal.

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201704 securityApril 2017

Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) – Security Safeguards

Over the last seven months the POPIA articles have dealt with responsibility, processing, purpose, further processing, information quality and transparency or openness.

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201703 emoryMarch 2017

Emory Healthcare Database Breach: What Happened?

An attack on a database used by Emory Healthcare for patient appointments is the largest health data breach reported to federal regulators so far in 2017.

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Hacking Incidents down, while some Insider Health Data Breaches took 5+ years to discoverMarch 2017

Hacking Incidents down, while some Insider Health Data Breaches took 5+ years to discover

After a noticeable decline in the number of hacking incidents, insider-related breach incidents have doubled relative to the previous month.

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Huge data breach at health system leads to biggest ever settlementAugust 2016

Huge data breach at health system leads to biggest settlement

One of the nation's biggest health-care systems has agreed to pay the largest settlement ever by a single entity for potential violations of federal patient privacy law, related to breaches that compromised the electronic data of 4 million patients.

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201703 Now whatMarch 2017

You’ve Had a Health Data Breach – Now What?

So, it happened. Your healthcare organization suffered a health data breach. Tens of thousands of electronic health records (EHRs) have potentially been compromised and you are still unsure of who the perpetrators were and how they accessed your system. What do you do now?

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Fine for GP surgery that failed to protect patient’s dataAugust 2016

Fine for GP surgery that failed to protect patient’s data

A GP practice that revealed confidential details about a woman and her family to her estranged ex-partner has been fined £40,000 by the Information Commissioner. Regal Chambers, in Hitchin, Hertfordshire, gave out the information despite express warnings from the woman that staff should take particular care to protect her details.

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6August 2016

10 Largest HIPAA settlement fines

HHS' Office for Civil Rights is becoming more aggressive in enforcing HIPAA regulations. In the first seven months of 2016 alone, HHS recorded close to $15 million in settlement payments. As HIPAA audits ramp up, hospitals and health systems are bolstering safeguards and security practices to avoid multimillion dollar fines.

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NHS seeks cure for its costly digital headacheJuly 2016

NHS seeks cure for its costly digital headache

This May two NHS trusts were fined almost £400,000 for failing to protect confidential information. Chelsea and Westminster revealed the email addresses of HIV service users, while Blackpool teaching hospitals published private information about thousands of staff online. But are these incidents simply isolated sloppiness or a growing problem as the NHS digitises its records?

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Hackers are coming for your healthcare recordsJune 2016

Hackers are coming for your healthcare records

Data stolen from a bank quickly becomes useless once the breach is discovered and passcodes are changed. But data from the healthcare industry, which includes both personal identities and medical histories, can live a lifetime.

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Healthcare data breaches a growing concernMarch 2016

Healthcare data breaches a growing concern

Healthcare facilities such as hospitals and clinics are increasingly being targeted by data criminals. As the world becomes more digital, so too do healthcare institutions, which store a wide range of data and rely on digital software and cloud-based data to operate.

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PoPI: 780 patientsJanuary 2016

PoPI: 780 patients

The 56 Dean Street clinic in Soho – one of Europe’s busiest sexual health clinics – has apologised after mistakenly revealing the names and addresses of 780 patients with HIV in an email.  Recipients of an emailed newsletter were supposed to be blind-copied, but whoever sent it mistakenly copied email addresses into the “To:” field rather than “BCC:”.

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Healthcare data breaches are costliest : StudyMay 2015

Healthcare data breaches are costliest: Study

Data breaches in healthcare are the most expensive to remediate and growing more so, according to a new report on data insecurity by the Ponemon Institute. The study covers 350 companies in 11 countries across 16 industries. 

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Data Breaches In Healthcare Totaled Over 112 Million Records In 2015December 2015

Data Breaches in healthcare totaled over 112 m records in 2015

Healthcare’s “wall of shame” for 2015 officially ends tonight at midnight. It’s not really a “wall," it’s just a website, but it’s the online mechanism for the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) under Health and Human Services to publish data breaches as reported to them and required by HIPAA. The numbers this year are just staggering.

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