PoPI Stats At A Glance

Security failings revealed that there are 500 m users at risk
500 million

11 million banking app logins a day during 2015

11 million

The leading causes of data breach incidents in 2016Leading cases of data breach


In reviewing 50 of the worlds 100 banking mobile apps revealed 100% failures 100 failures final

90% of consumers admit that hearing about security breaches makes them concerned

PoPI - Concerned Consumers


The estimated value of the Big Data Industry in 2019 is $48.6 billion

PoPI - Big Data


75% of large organisations suffered staff related security breaches in 2015

PoPI - data breaches in corporates

1 in 7 small businesses haven't taken steps to protect their data

PoPI - small business protections of data


20.5 days is the estimated time to recover from phishing attacks

PoPI - phishing recovery time


70-80% of South African Adults have been victims of cyber crime in their lifetime

PoPI- cyber crime victims in South Africa

If data records were a grain of rice, this is how much were lost globally 2013 - 2015

PoPI- data loss over 2 years 

The cost of cyber crime in South Africa in 2014 was R5.8 billion

PoPI - value of cyber crime South Africa


50% of worst security breaches in 2015 was due to human error

PoPI- data breaches and human error

Annual IT security losses with and without staff awareness programmes

PoPI - staff awareness programs 

Staff related data breaches were mostly related to sensitive information

PoPI- data breaches due to human error


22,000 USB sticks are left in dirty clothing sent to UK dry cleaners every year 

PoPI - lost USB sticks in laundry

31% if small manufacturing business with data breaches said it affected their ability to win new business


The industry most at risk when it comes to loss of personal information?                                           



2018 - 4 billion internet users and 21 billion networked devices connecting people across the world


Is Cyber Security Standards a key factor when awarding a project to an SMW supplier?



Consumers - extremely concerned.  Small business – one of the things they are most concerned about


The legal profession main data protection issues are loss of paperwork and theft of paperwork





67% of cyber espionage starts with a phishing email




Every third data breach caused by seemingly harmless human error



Only 38% of SA companies have measures in place




45% of mobile phones never gets returned to the rightful owner from UK dry cleaners



Skimming, hacking and phishing accounted for 38% of data breaches in 2015




In 2013 alone, a total of 63 000 security incidents were reported




July 2013, cyber crime costs economy 300 billion to $1 trillion per annum






In USA, number of victims in 2013 reaching 13.1 million people 


Compuscan reported over 14 000 new fraud incidents recorded in 2012





Target's huge credit card hack resulted in a 16% drop in EBITDA