Just as you can count on a rainbow to rise above the dark clouds, you can count on finding a solution to a business challenge – provided that you truly understand your challenge. These are some of our success stories.


bullet-point Using the Business Destination Map™ to create BUSINESS GROWTH
CASE STUDY A Clear Road Ahead with a Business Destination Map
CASE STUDY The next phase for an EcoTourism Business
Using Change Management to deal with CULTURAL DIVERSITY
CASE STUDY Diversity Management
Using Change Management to reduce RESISTANCE TO CHANGE
CASE STUDY Creative Communications
Using Project Management for SUCCESSFUL PROJECT DELIVERY
CASE STUDY All About Delivery
CASE STUDY An Amazing ERP implementation
Using Process Management to IMPROVE SERVICE QUALITY
CASE STUDY Finding Inefficiencies to Cut Delays
CASE STUDY Unplugging Bottlenecks
Using Process Management to SAVE COST
CASE STUDY Back from the Brink
CASE STUDY All Across Africa
CASE STUDY A Match Made in Heaven
Using Process Management to SAVE TIME
CASE STUDY Running a Tight Schedule