Strategic Partners

By teaming up with our partners we are able to create a whole new game.




Akhile is a preferred public sector financial, training and development service provider.

By combining our Project, Process and Change Management Services with Akhile’s expertise in public sector financial management restructuring and management, we offer a comprehensive, effective and results driven intervention.


Can!Do Consulting are Workplace Education and Change specialists and has been in the business for more than 18 years. Facilitating the learning of new skills though training that enables the quick implementation of new ERP systems is the value add that Can!Do delivers. ERP systems form part of processes. By using VizPro® process maps to understand a new system, this partnership delivers a fun, interactive, easy to follow way learn who needs to do what when and how.


Established in 1989, Casewise helps organizations and their people to understand their business operations, and improve the way in which they perform through the provision of software and consultancy solutions.

Centre for Supplier Development

The CFSD promotes, facilitates and supports supplier development across all sectors of the economy in South Africa. Supplier Develop is a high profile agenda item on South African enterprises’, and should be so internationally as a vehicle to develop enterprises. The combination of expertise in CFSD and the Pétanque portfolio of services, bring a powerful toolset to clients to embark on Supplier Development programmes.

Isys Evolution

Isys Evolution provides innovative global business solutions focusing on Quality Management Audit and Training to private organisations, institutions and business to business in Mauritius, Reunion Island and the Indian Ocean. The partnership combines our respective toolsets in order to offer a comprehensive solution service that brings Process, Change and Quality together.

LCT Solutions

A consulting and training service established in 1999, focusing on Quality Management and implementation as part of how an enterprise operates. Quality is based on how activity is performed in an enterprise. This in turn relies on effective process definition and change management. This partnership enables both parties to offer a comprehensive suite of Quality Implementation Management services.


Orbus, founded 2004, headquartered in London, develops enterprise solutions based around the Microsoft Office and Visio platforms. As our iServer partner, Orbus Software provides Pétanque with BPM capability for our flagship VizPro® process mapping.

Practising Perfection Institute

The Practicing Perfection Institute educates, promotes, and implements error-slashing strategies and training within organizations of all types, in a quest to save lives, keep people from getting hurt, prevent physical and environmental catastrophe and to improve the economic health of organizations with whom they work. Identifying and reducing errors in the workplace is critical to enterprise excellence and this is achieved by combining Process and Change Management. The PPI approach of how to change from an error prone to an error-free environment is an important element of Pétanque’s toolset to work toward enterprise excellence. Conversely, Pétanque’s unique VizPro® process mapping methodology makes it clear where in which process errors could occur and how to mitigate those risks.


SalesPartners is a global sales and business development company that helps organizations increase sales, improve profitability, and build championship teams – the pre-requisite of success. By working as team, we are able to insert the knowledge, networks and systems that SalesPartners provide us into our Sales effort, increasing our Sales capacity and effectiveness to for improved ROI.

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Schoemanlaw Inc Attorneys

Schoemanlaw Inc Attorneys, Conveyancers and Notaries Public is a boutique law firm that offers a wide range of legal services. Based in Cape Town, we help entrepreneurs structure their businesses and personal affairs in the most astute possible way. With the focus on proven and practical solutions, we ensure every proposal we make incorporates legal compliance, risk aversion and business sense. With your personal interests in mind, our ultimate aim is to implement measures that protect the results of your hard work as effectively as possible.


Offering a wide range of services, including multi-platform networking, communications and conventional and online branding, Spice4life has international acclaim as a business profiler and connector. As our branding coach and advisor, Spice4life is our partner in bringing our news, profile and brand to our clients, partners and the market.



Helping clients achieve sustainable success by enriching the rational, practical and current aspects of their business – with approaches that unlock creativity, intuition and future-mindedness.

TenStep, Inc Logo


TenStep specializes in consulting and training in business methodologies. They help organizations implement their goals and strategies through the successful execution of projects.

TenStep LatAM

TenStep Latinoamerica, as one of over 50 TenStep global offices, delivers the TenStep Training and Services in Latin America, including Mexico, Venezuela, Ecuador, Chile and Argentina. By adopting our VizPro® methodology as one of their toolsets, the cooperation between us has resulted into Spanish translation and application, enabling a wider range of services to offered to Latin American projects and clients.

TenStep South Africa

With products translated into over 15 different languages, TenStepprovides a full range of training and consulting services across Africa and around the world.

Zimele Technologies

In today’s knowledge-driven, innovative and changing IT environment Zimele offers clients valuable counsel and practical solutions, enabling a competitive edge through IT innovation. IT change is one element of enterprise excellence, and when supported with effective Process and Change Management, effective interventions are delivered.