Whether adjusting to new market conditions or complying with new regulations, business transitions can be a maze.

We believe that Process is the key to finding the path.


Your way of working has changed. And so have your processes.

Let’s get them documented with our online Process Design service.
And while we’re at it, let’s improve your Business Performance.


We work with business leaders to create SIMPLIFIED pathways to business and digital transformations.

This is how

But it's different

We believe in simplifying things.

That is why we do things a bit differently than most.

 We use Visual Strategy and Visual Mapping in most of our projects to capture complex business concepts in easy-to-grasp pictures to create a business narrative about common goals, how things work and what needs to be done.

Why? Because visuals make it easier for everyone to Understand, to Convey, and to Remember concepts. Science has proven it.

It Assures Buy-In.

Those who play a role are all part of the workshop and actively contribute to the end result.

It’s Engaging.

Maps are drawn live during a high-energy facilitated workshop, where the questions and debate bring clarity.

It’s Fast.

There are no lengthy questionnaires to fill in or interviews to sit through. Only participation in a workshop is needed.

What we Bring

To every Transformation Management engagement we bring the philosophy that we are client integration partners employing a suite of innovative capabilities to facilitate effective business change.

Our deep expertise in this field allows us to be nimble in our solution design and execution.

We live and breathe the future of business.

That is why are are able to provide cohesive, integrated teams to our clients, priding ourselves for always bringing principals, not protégés.

Visual Strategy

The Business Destination Map® captures your entire business strategy, from vision and mission through to action steps, accountability and KPI’s in a single, at-a-glance map.

What do you get?

  • Everyone ‘getting it’ without difficulty
  • Buy-in from your team
  • A living guide to growth

Visual Process

VizPro® maps the story of a business process, presenting a visual snapshot of who does what, when and how to get to a desired end-result, and how it fits into the Big Picture.

What do you get?

  • A way to showcase team contributions
  • An effective process evaluation tool
  • ‘Aha’ moments as teams understand goals

Project Management

As TenStepZA, we combine an internationally trusted methodology with decades of PM experience to deliver your projects, set up PMOs, do project health checks and mentor.

What do you get?

  • Outcomes as planned
  • In-budget, on-time delivery
  • In-house upskilling

Change Management

Shepherding your team through the challenges of adapting to business and process changes, we use the PROSCII methodology to support your change efforts and foster resilience.

What do you get?

  • Smoother transitions
  • A happier team
  • Higher project success rates


Approaching compliance from a process point of view, this guides you through what needs to be done, and how.

What do you get?

  • Successful compliance
  • Transparency
  • Peace of mind

Value Engineering

With an eye on the value of your processes, we look at the entire ecosystem that drives value for your organization.

What do you get?

  • Cost reduction
  • Top-line growth, bottom-line profit
  • Processes optimized for value

Consulting on Transition Management & 4IR Technology process enhancements

Using visual methods to map out your strategy, processes, change projects and compliance risks

Comprehensive as well as targeted area Transition Management implementations

Speaking on the practical application of 4IR-driven technologies in business

This is how we can partner to manage your transitions

Our Clients

Success Stories

Invaluable PoPIA Services

Pétanque’s services with the Protection of Personal Information (PoPIA) have proven invaluable to our business.

Jacqui Davis / Cashkows

Superior Project Management 

The ERP implementation was uncomfortably smooth!

Transformation Manager / Oil Industry

Highly Effective Strategic Planning

With the Business Destination Map you’ve achieved what has not been achieved for the past 8 years!

Y Engelbrecht / Takalani Sesame

Strategy that brings it together

It was great to see how our KPI’s were intertwined and what we all were bringing to the table. The visual display of our goals and the way it was mapped was one of the knock outs.

Hybre Losper / Pioneer Foods

Adaptable Process Mapping

I would strongly recommend their Business Process Mapping services and approach to any company at any stage of maturity as their processes can be adapted.

Chris Kota / Sanlam

Visual Business Conceptualisation

This completely changed how I saw my business. I now see the potential, and believe in it. This was a turning point for me!

Lahlani Mnisi / TCTA

Our Why

In everything we do, we believe in making a positive difference to improve tomorrow.

We believe that by facilitating client success, we bring progress. For us an enterprise is a tool for growth because through its services, products and employment it builds micro-economies where families have income, communities are thriving and life is good.

Successful enterprises bring progress. Unsuccessful enterprises bring hardship. That is why we do what we do: by playing a part in the success of enterprises, we like to think that we are building economies and communities. We really believe that we can help to create progress, one business at a time.

Our Awards

Our Accreditation