Alex de Bruyn: The early days

An interview with Alex de Bruyn on Blockchain & property: “Mechanisms to trust data”

Part 1 of 5

PNXT: Hi Alex, we’re very excited to chat to you today. So tell us how you first heard of blockchain technology and what makes it such a promising field in your opinion…

I am a management accountant by trade and did mergers acquisitions in the corporate finance space for some time, as a financial analyst. I then moved over to the consulting sector in the bank. We consulted for the banks on various projects, with all of them specifically focused on the payment space. It was about five years ago that I stumbled across Bitcoin. And it really just intrigued me in terms of a programmable and censorship resistant money. Yhat was my first encounter with blockchain. I approached my current business partner, Richard Creighton, advocating that we should really start taking this technology seriously.

Initially hesitant, it was enough to delve further and understand the benefits thereof. We wanted to focus on understanding where the technology can be applied to current business problems.

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