Change Resilience

For too long the change management community have been focusing on reducing change resistance. I have for some time been thinking about the notion of rather putting resources and energy into the focussed building of change resilience as individuals, project teams and organisations in general.

A blog by Seth Godin called In search of resilience sparked some ideas. He suggests four approaches to resilience: a) don’t need it, b) invest in a network c) create backups and d) build a moat. The second one is I think the most powerful. It’s about building a network, a community of learning, a Village.

The notion of all participants investing generously in the Village and thereby growing the resources to deal with unprecedented change, is extraordinarily empowering for all. The connection economy depends of generous, voluntary participation. It is fuelled by the abundant sharing of all “villagers” resulting in participants feeling supported, learning from each other and exponentially growing through reciprocity.

It is no surprise that change resilience comes from fulfilling two basic human needs:

  1. feeling heard and understood leading to people feeling supported through belonging and fellowship; and
  2. being given the opportunity to contribute to, and participate in, the solutions to assist the Village as it adapts to change.

Support and participation builds camaraderie, team spirit and – dare I suggest the human spirit?

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