Visual Strategy

Fresh Approach

I love this mad scientist approach!

Stephen Sobhani, Takelani Sesame

Tough Questions That Become A Result

They kept on asking the tough questions, and finding the relevant questions, questions that presented itself as a result, and ultimately gave one single picture with a variety of views. This is their key skill – finding the right questions to ask to get to the right outcome.

Ainsley Moos, Sanlam

Visual Process

Highly Recommended

Pétanque has supported Sanlam Group Communications to assess processes improvement using their storyboard-type process mapping methodology.  I would strongly recommend their services and approach to any company at any stage of maturity as their process can be adapted.

Chris Kota, Sanlam

Effective Modelling Tool

VizPro is a very effective, “user friendly” modeling tool and the re-usability capabilities of this tool is a plus point.  Easy to understand and easy to learn.

Urshula Dubber, Vodacom

Project Management

Cannot Believe It

Have we really gone live? There is no chaos or screaming or pandemonium of any kind. I cannot believe it.

IT manager

Uncomfortably Smooth

The implementation was uncomfortably smooth!

Transformation Program Manager

The Protection of Personal Information (PoPIA)

Initial PoPI Foundation

Vodacom engaged with Pétanque on a Pilot PoPI Gap Analysis focusing on specific areas initially.  The Pilot was concluded successfully and led to the next phase of applying the methodology of Gap Analysis, to Risk Profiling to Mitigation Actions and Projects. Vodacom continued with the work based on the initial foundation develop by the Pétanque Team. In my opinion they went the extra mile when needed. 

Abram Vivier, Vodacom

Light at the End of the Tunnel

Thank you for showing me that there actually can be light at the end of a dark, long tunnel again. I feel enlightened in so many ways.

Workshop Participant, Vodacom