The Name Pétanque

The name “Pétanque” is pronounced as [pêtank]. Think of it as [pe] as in pellegrino  + [t] as in is tea + [ank] as in uncle.

[ pê + t + ank ]

Pétanque is actually a game of boules and a favourite national pastime in France. You might have seen it being played on a beach somewhere.

So why did we choose the name of a game to be our company name? It just seemed like a perfect fit.

Think about it. 

When playing Pétanque, it requires skill and focus to get the boules as close as possible to the target. The same goes for business. Any business owner or team leader or corporate executive also needs to have skill and focus and a strategy to get as close to the goals of profit, market share and sustainability as possible. The game of Pétanque is therefore a perfect analogy for doing business. 

But, behind it all lies the reason for why you are doing what you are doing: as with a good game of boules, one shouldn’t forget that business is also meant to be FUN!