Julian Abrahams - 4IR & THE FUTURE OF WORK

Julian Abrahams always seems to be ahead of the curve. For more than a decade, Julian has been propelling new ideas, fostering innovation and leading strategies and change on multiple continents. He previously served as a Global Automation Program Manager and European Head of Strategy for one of the world’s leading insurers. His ideas about the age of automation produce a unique mix of expertise for finding solutions to future problems. Recently, the Pétanque team strategically partnered with Julian on automation projects and took the opportunity to sit down with him to discuss the businesses of tomorrow, and what businesses should be doing about it today.

John Lombela - A visionary cryptotrepreneur

Originally working as a software developer within the financial sector, John Lombela has curated his specialties and business acumen to start a business in one of the most promising emerging fields around the world: Blockchain technology. John founded Cryptovecs Capital three years ago, with a vision to make investments in cryptocurrencies more accessible to all. John gives us a breakdown of his vision, revealing some valuable insights into the future of the blockchain industry.