Managing Change: building the bridge

Even when people choose change there will be different ideas about the why’s, the what and the wherefores…. Given the complexity of our world, conflict is inevitable. Working as a change angel requires us to “market” new ideas to people who will be affected by the changes, whether they like it or not…. This is always a “hard sell”.

The key sentence from a blog by Seth Godin titled One of us is wrong  is “We cure disagreements by building a bridge of mutual respect first, a bridge that permits education or dialogue or learning. When you burn that bridge, you’ve ensured nothing but conflict.”

Being an effective change angel is all about treating people who have different ideas, with profound respect. Everyone, including you, is entitled to his/her view, opinion, beliefs, assumptions and views. It is an unalienable part of our humanity. Building the bridge will enable education, sharing, collaboration and learning. This is surely the bridge that will enable us to engage with new ideas and bring change in the world.

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