Managing Change: getting heard

An interesting blog on communication that I read stated that repetition increases the chance of getting heard.  This truly is one of the challenges of change management communication: getting heard.

You need to communicate the details of the changes that are coming, but you are competing with so many other urgent and important messages for people’s attention. It’s no wonder people often say: “You never told us…” Maybe it should rather be “I never heard you…”.

We have to find ways of repeating messages about how the world is changing, find ways to garner attention, and dare I say, find ways to allow for participation…

Think about a weekly bulletin with headline news for the week…. perhaps a project “twitter” board or a weekly project “weather” report?

Methods of communicating regularly, and relevantly that allow some feedback and participation, are much better than one-way news feeds where you have no idea about who is reading your messages. And repetition is key. If you have communicated once you are just beginning.


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