Managing Change – Positive Psychology

I love the sentiment of positive psychology as discussed in this blog on The business case for positive psychology in the workplace.

As part of Change Management, I recommend deliberately building this type of psychology into a project. It is a simple but extremely effective way to improve team dynamics.

Here are two examples:

  • Create the opportunity to thank people for their good work. Try this: have a weekly award, complete with a “trophy” of some description that the person can keep on his/her desk as a thank you for great work. Members of the project team nominate their peers and it’s amazing how much such a small gesture means to even the most cynical of corporate employees.
  • Create opportunities to say thank you based on deliveries or team changes. Throw an impromptu thank you party, disguised as a “Project Update” meeting. Enjoy 20 minutes of down time and cake, sit back and observe the results in the form of renewed team spirit.

Recognising people’s contribution is motivating. It says “keep going, someone notices how hard you are working and appreciates your efforts even if we don’t always get things done on time or ‘right’ “. The energy it creates is amazing!

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