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The Show Must Go On Succession Planning

 There is just no telling. Things can go wrong. Really wrong – in the blink of an eye.

If the worst happens, will your team know what to do to carry on without you?

That is why we’ve created a simple checklist to help you with the basics of Succession Planning.

It is called

The Show Must Go On Checklist

because ensuring that the show does indeed go on is critical to the survival of your enterprise.

The Checklist is FREE because we want to make is easier for you to run your business, and easier to manage your risks.


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How we can help to Plan for Succession

Succession Planning Toolkit

The Succession Planning Toolkit

This is Succession Planning broken down into its basic elements, allowing you to build your own succession plan step-by-step. As simple as that.

The toolkit includes a fully integrated online guided template with which to create a complete job list for up to 50 positions in your company, a listing of the candidates to consider as successors, a gap analysis, a development plan and progress report per candidate.

With this you’ll also have access to the Succession Planning Visual Process Map, to use as a checklist and progress reference.

Fill out the template and then download a complete development plan per candidate, to ensure that you are ready for succession, whenever you may need it. 

Price: $29

Succession Planning Toolkit

Close to home: Succession in Pétanque

Where our succession planning started: the 99er Cycle Tour

Succession: Our Plan in Action

14 years ago during the same cycle race – 78 km – as today – I suffered a major heart attack. The school, El Shaddai, who hosts this event as a fundraiser every year – was amazing after I was hospitalised 14 years ago with only 15% blood througflow – all 5 arteries were clogged up at age 42. I underwent a 9 hour quadruple bypass op and the school held two days of special prayer sessions for my recovery. So every year Pétanque gives a prize to the last woman crossing the finishing line at cut-off time in gratitude for the fast action in accurate diagnosis, getting me to hospital super fast and praying for my recovery. My recovery was such a gift that in the past 14 yrs, I rode this race again 11 times.

Why the last woman? Because we cannot all be winners, but we can all participate in life. Being last means you participated, persevered and made the finish line in time – it was difficult but one did it!

 Michélle Booysen, February 2018

We have reached what can be called our “Bill Gates Moment” in the company: through expansion and growth Pétanque has evolved and we are pleased to now introduce you to our newly appointed CEO, Justin Siljeur.

Michélle will be handing over the day-to-day operations to Justin as she moves into a more strategic planning position to further our international expansion.

MJ will be moving over to our sister company, TenStepZA, as Managing Partner to lead the company into its exciting new phase.

We are also pleased to welcome Damion Stander to the team as our new COO with a specific focus on strengthening our SME market offer.

Our 15th year is going to be a big one – looking forward to what the year will bring!

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