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Free Template to Prep for PoPIA

 Soon organisations will need to justify to the Regulator why their privacy-related risk mitigation measures should be viewed as reasonable and prudent.

PoPIA provides a basic framework for this, known as The 8 Conditions. It spells out the minimum conditions to which any organisation that processes personal information, should adhere to in order to ensure that such processing is fair, responsible and secure.

We’ve pulled these together for you as

PoPIA: The 8 Conditions for Lawful Processing of Personal Information – A Quick Guide

for you to have an easy reference on hand.

The Quick Guide is FREE because we want to make is easier for you to run your business, and easier to understand how to comply with PoPIA.

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How we can help to Prep for PoPIA

The PoPIA Readiness Assessment

A high level overview to assess how ready you are for PoPIA, this on-line simple-to-use tool assists you to get a broad brush strokes idea of where you may be falling short at this point. Use this tool as a starting point for planning your next steps. 

The PoPIA Readiness Assessment includes a brief guide on where to start to address your company’s areas of privacy protection weakness.

 Release: 30 Sept 2018

Price: $29

PoPIA Readiness Assessment COMING SOON

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