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Visual process mapping that is designed to fit into your schedule.

And  your budget.

SnapMapping is remote, on-demand visual mapping of processes. The mapping is done quickly, when you need it, where you need it and is available at affordable pricing without long planning delays. Spend and hour today, or one hour per month over 6 months with your personal visual process architect to visually capture your most critical business processes in private mapping sessions.

The sessions are conducted remotely, so no need to leave your office. Just dial in. Structure the mapping sessions as you wish: with your team, with the key process owners or just you alone. Change the participants as you need to get the best results from each session.

To fit into your budget, payments are also spread out over 6 months.


A simple and straightforward way to document your processes and get the improvements you are looking for.

You’ll start seeing results after even only one hour.

Let’s say you are in a meeting and need to explain a process – to a new supplier, for example. Just phone us and we’ll make an appointment for an hour later today, or 3 hours tomorrow, as you require. You gather your team, we meet remotely, we map your process, we invoice you. Done.

It is ideal for anyone needing to develop process maps for training purposes, or for uniting multiple stakeholders around the process of bringing a product to market. Wherever a process is involved, SnapMapping is your on-call visual mapping service.

What is included? A private visual mapping session, your personal process architect, remote access and your process, visually mapped and print ready, delivered to you as a pdf file.

There is little risk. During the session we’ll ask the right questions with you providing the narrative. Together we’ll come up with an accurate visual reflection of your current processes, and pinpoint where improvements can be made. SnapMapping allows you to try visual process mapping in a few short sessions, without having to commit to a long-term project from the outset. And, after the first session is done and this isn’t for you, you’ll have the option to cancel.

PoPIA SnapMapping is now available to help you assess where exactly your processes are vulnerable, providing you with that all-important starting point in your PoPIA compliance journey. PoPIA SnapMapping sets the stage for what is to come as you plan your PoPIA change project.

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This will change how you do things, and change the results that your team can deliver in your organisation.

It will help you to get to the bottom of things and get a better understanding of what can and should be done.
And best of all, your team will be on board because they’ve been part of the design.

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Why do processs mapping?


Being in business brings questions

How do we

• get the business outcomes that we’ve planned?

• get our teams to pull together?

• fit into our budgets, and still deliver?

• accomplish an enviable team effort?

For answers, look to your processes

Business processes hold the key to successfully delivering on company strategic goals.

Managing business processes forms the foundation for reducing risks, ensuring product safely, improving predictability, enhancing process consistency, simplifying operations, lowering costs, delivering superior quality and providing great brand protection. 

Being clear on your processes and mapping them out allows you to the see the big picture and understand how each of your business processes contribute to your overall strategic goals, and how they support one another. 

Start by describing this

Here and now

What could be

How are things being done at the moment?

What can be done differently that would

… save money

… get better results

…excite and energize the team?

Document your processes in this way 

Or, use our Visual Process Mapping with VizPro® to showcase your process at a glance

The process of taking Customer Service calls can be described as such: the Customer Service Agent answers the phone within 2 rings, reading from a script that we provide.

More process steps

Customer Service Call process step 2

Open up a new query log in CRM application and log the contact details of caller.

Customer Service Call process step 3

Enquire about the customer’s problem.

Customer Service Call process step 4

Consult the in-house FAQ list for an answer. If the query is listed in the FAQ list, follow the solution suggested. If not, ask the caller to hold the line, then contact the supervisor and ask for assistance. Then provide the solution.

Customer Service Call process step 5

Capture the solution details in the CRM system and then close the call.

With visual process mapping, you’ll now have the Big Picture

To ask the right questions

SnapMaps with VizPro® – quick to do, quick to grasp, quick to explain

  • Where can we make improvements?
  • Is there a shorter route to the end goal?
  • Are we missing anything?
  • Where can we make adjustments to save costs?

Why you should be mapping your processes

Mapping out your processes...


  • provides a uniform view of a process to all stakeholders;
  • leads to improved transparency and visualization;
  • trims unnecessary work;
  • clarifies roles and responsibilities;
  • gives essential employee training;
  • allows you to standardize how activities are done;
  • gives you the opportunity to document and circulate best practices;
  • facilitates compliance and assists in audits;
  • acts as the starting point for controlling costs, preventing wastage and enhancing performance; and 
  • unhooks activities from team leads and allows for freedom and business growth.


to get your critical processes mapped and optimized for peak performance.

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