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The Protection of Personal Information Act (PoPIA):

An Introduction

PoPIA in Healthcare: Infection or a Wellness Programme?

A brief introduction to PoPIA covering:

  • the significance of human error in privacy risk
  • why PoPIA is important
  • what is PoPIA
  • how PoPIA affects you
  • misconceptions and fallacies
  • the 3 things you need to do

A discussion of the practical implications of the Protection of Personal Information Act (PoPIA) for the Healthcare Sector. 

Topics covered:

  • the Threat Vector of Personal Information
  • the Health IT Framework of Personal Health Information
  • the Infection Approach
  • the Wellness Approach
  • new developments anticipated in the next 18 months

Creating and Managing your Annual Business Road Map

How to Integrate Change Management into Project Management

This presentation takes a closer look at business strategy, in particular how to create your own Visual Business Strategy storyboard that reflects your destination for the year, and how you will achieve your goals and targets, and manage your results. 

A hands-on interactive presentation covering:

  • how to define your business
  • how to use your business processes to accelerate results
  • understanding the growth path of your business
  • aligning your strategy to where you and your business are at
  • how to use your Visual Strategy Map to track performance

One of the most often asked questions amongst project managers, this presentation discusses the practical aspects of integrating change management into any project to increase the probability of a succesful project outcome.

Included in the discussion:

  • the value of change management
  • basic principles of change management
  • the path of success with change management
  • project management touch points
  • a framework for integration